Async/Await: Promises reached adulthood and gentle backstory of async I/O in javascript and the return to mental sanity

Some of us seems to have forgotten those dark days, when our codebases were a mess of nested monstrosities spanning several level deep in spiral of endless unforgiving pain. We got fancies new constructs and we got away from that at the speed of light to never mention it again to forget the shame we had to endure for writing those pyramid of doom. Yeah, I’m talking about that. Callback hells. I still see them around, never ending monolith of an already ended age.

Without shedding tears

Look ma’ I can use Illustrator too!

You know that feeling, that compulsive obsessive need for order knocking on the back of your head. You procrastinated about it and now you can’t handle the mess no more. You just want to do it quickly and you have tons of repositories to create on github.

Have you ever thought how boring is to go to GitHub, create a repository, get the link, back to your beloved terminal, add the remote, then commit, then push and then start all over again in a nasty suboptimal workflow that’s driving you insane? …

Simone Corsi

Hi I'm yet anotherBackend Engineer! I build things, play with things and I’m curious about everything, probably even too much!

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